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WEMPUMP for Molten Salt provides an economical and efficient solution to the problem of removing hot salts from heat treating and descaling furnaces. The molten salt is delivered to the containers in a closed pipe eliminating dangerous splash and spillage. The operator has complete control over the transfer and no standing over a hot fumace is required.

Both safety and operating personnel wi11 appreciate the advantages of quickly and safely bailing large or small salt baths for inspection or repair of the pot and heating elements or for cleaning and replacement of the salt. WEMPUMP for Molten Salt is produced in these models:

1. The standard 3 H.P. models for temperatures to 900 degrees F
2. The stainless steel 3 H.P. models for temperatures to 1700 degrees F
Complete installation including airline filter and lubricator, control valves, and discharge piping is available with these pumps as optional equipment.

TYPE: Submerged intake, vertical shaft, centrifugal. Variable speed-variable discharge.
POWER: 3 H.P. vane type air motor, cooled and lubricated through the airline, direct coupled to impeller shaft.
MATERIALS: 1. Standard Construction - submerged components of carbon steel and iron.
2. Stainless Steel Construction - submerged components of chrome-nickel alloy.
MAX. LIFT: maximum pump length - 10 ft.
CAPACITY: 60,000 to 360,000 pounds per hour at 4 ft.

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