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The WEMPump for molten zinc and other molten metals will quickly and safely empty large or small galvanizing settings, as well as melting and holding furnaces, transferring the metal to containers or molds of any size or directly to an auxiliary setting when available.

The pump is simple and rugged, built to take the rough service required. The powerful air motor operates dependably, undamaged by stall or heat. The air motor can be throttled and controlled by a simple valve in the airline to deliver metal at full flow or at any reduced rate for filling small containers.

The pump can be safely handled by one man in an emergency to take care of pan failure occurring during shut down period. The level of the zinc in the pan can be dropped economically at intervals to inspect the pan and detect failures before they occur.

The metal can be removed from the pan before serious damage occurs to brickwork and burners from leaking zinc. The operation is safer than hand baling or dipping, the operator having complete control over the flow of metal, and it eliminates hours of hot, dangerous and hard labor. The pump can be slung from a crane or chain hoist so that the discharge pipe can be pivoted around to fill containers or molds continuously. Ordinary 50 gallon oil drums make excellent containers.

These drums may be placed into the bath when remelting and removed after the metal has melted out. No cleaning is required after use. The pump is self-draining and can be stored without further attention until next required.

TYPE: Submerged intake, vertical shaft, centrifugal. Variable speed -variable discharge.
POWER: 3 H.P. vane type air motor, cooled and lubricated through the airline, direct coupled to impeller shaft.
MATERIALS: 1. Standard Construction - submerged components of carbon steel and iron. 2. Stainless Steel Construction - submerged components of chrome-nickel alloy.
MAX. LIFT: maximum pump length - 10 ft.
CAPACITY: 60,000 to 360,000 pounds per hour based on 4 ft. lift

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