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In the beginning of the 1950's, it was becoming increasingly evident that the galvanizing industry was in dire need of some type of maintenance tool, at a reasonable price, for rapidly and safely transferring large quantities of molten zinc, in the event of pan failure, into either containers or holding furnaces.

Eliminating the old and dangerous method of hand-dipping was of great concern and a dependable and easily maintained pump that could be handled by shop personnel seemed to be the answer, not only for the transfer of molten zinc, but also for the purpose of making periodic inspection of the pan walls, preventive maintenance being the key issue in this regard.

A group of engineers and administrators working in the steel industry in New Jersey formed Wire Equipment Manufacturing Company, Inc. in 1950. They developed the WEMpump for molten zinc and other molten metals with the following points as their guide:

1. Safety
2. Low Cost
3. Sturdy Constuction
4. Easy Handling
5. High Capacities
6. Instant Readiness
7. Easy repair and Replacement of Spare Parts

It was also found that the WEMpump could be adapted for the removal of large quantities of molten salts from heat treating baths and descaling furnaces.

Over fifty years later, Wire Equipment Manufacturing Co., Inc. and our WEMpumps serve customers in North and South America. We offer personal and dependable support for our products and continue to expand our customer base.

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